Meet Stephen Walton

Stephen Walton is a dedicated community leader and experienced professional, deeply committed to enriching the lives of those in District 2. Raised in North Sacramento, with roots stretching back 75 years in the district, Stephen’s passion for his hometown is as enduring as his family’s legacy.

With an impressive record as a Community Ambassador for the City of Sacramento and a Community Advisor for the Marysville & Del Paso BLVD Action Plan, Stephen has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive positive change. His graduation from the City Management Academy in 2023 and the Community Engagement Academy in 2020, along with his leadership roles in organizing neighborhood beautification projects and serving as a Neighborhood Watch Captain, showcase his dedication to community development and safety.

Stephen’s professional journey as a Realtor since 2009 speaks volumes about his commitment to helping families and individuals realize the American Dream of homeownership. His deep understanding of the local real estate market, coupled with his drive to guide clients through the complexities of home buying, has made him a trusted figure in Sacramento’s real estate scene.

Beyond real estate, Stephen has made significant contributions as a Financial Literacy Coach since 2015, teaching over 400 students essential financial skills. This role highlights his passion for empowering others to build strong financial foundations for their futures.

His early career as a Press Student Assistant at the Secretary of State’s office, where he worked on the Gray Davis Recall Election from 2003 to 2006, provided him with valuable insights into state politics and public service.

Stephen’s personal journey is equally inspiring. A Grant Union High School alumnus, he excelled as a Division 1 college athlete and later showcased his artistic talents as a professional actor and singer. This diverse background has endowed him with a creative and collaborative approach, enabling him to connect with people from various walks of life and find innovative solutions to challenges.

As a family man, Stephen’s life is enriched by his wife Carolina, an accomplished executive in real estate, and their son Trè, who is following in his parents’ ambitious footsteps at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. In his leisure time, Stephen enjoys unwinding with his family, indulging in music, and traveling to meet friends across the nation.

Stephen Walton’s candidacy for City Council is rooted in a profound commitment to his community, a rich tapestry of professional experiences, and a personal life that reflects his values and dedication. His vision for Sacramento is one of growth, empowerment, and a deep respect for the community that has shaped him.